OTT Services, South African Broadcaster, To Launch Own Streaming Service - "Openview Plus"

The South African multi-platform broadcaster,, has announced that plans are in place for the launch of its video streaming service, Openview Plus. The new OTT platform will be an extension of its Satelite-TV OpenView service and is expected to be operational from October 2020.
A statement from Khalik Sherril, the Chief Executive Officer of eMedia Investment (eMedia owns the and OpenView brands), confirmed that "by October 2020 the group will launch its own over-the-top (OTT) offering called Openview Plus and work on this offering is happening in earnest".
Analysts are still trying to figure out the revenue model for the new streaming platform as it is still not clear whether it's will be a subscription-Video-on-demand (SVOD) or Advertising-Video-on-demand (AVOD) or a cross of the two.
According to reports, the Openview Plus streaming service
will offer almost identical content as those on the Satellite-TV platform and could also be part of a quad-play bundle, if and when e-media (the owners of commences its broadband services.
Openview Plus, when launched, will be entering into direct competition with the likes of Netflix, Showmax, Apple+, VIU and others in South Africa's OTT content streaming market place.

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