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South Africa's Vodacom Simplies Data Issues With Content Streaming

South African mobile telecom giant, Vodacom, has introduced a feature called "Video Play Time" to its streaming platform to make it easier for streamers to enjoy videos without having to fret too much about data costs.
According to the Vodacom, "For the first time, customers no longer have to try and guess how much data they need to watch a movie or their favourite series including blockbuster movies, popular series, children's shows and music video.
"It works by subscribers simply purchasing a "Video Play Time" bundle  based on how much time they want to stream their favourite movie or series without depleting their standard data bundle."
Vodacom says "Video Play Time" flexible model makes it the most affordable video streaming solution available, allowing everyone to keep up to date with their favourite shows and watch what they want on their own devices,".

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