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CineMagic - SA Streaming Service Wants To Monetise Short-Form Local Content

South Africa's newest streaming service, CineMagic is inviting content producers - especially those specialising in short-form films - to contribute their content to its platform to easy monetisation.
According to the director of content acquisition for CineMagic, Mr Jaick Katz, the streaming platform is asking for short film local content to help shore-up its local content catalogue of African videos. CineMagic said it has, since its launch, gain a significant number of subscribers because of it uber-focus on short-form movies, documentaries, series and animations across all genres.
It is therefore now inviting content creators to submit their short-form content to its platform because according to Katz, "there are very few movie studios and distributors dedicated to the production of short movies and series. This means we are always seeking to proactively procure top-notch short-form content from individual local filmmakers producers and artists."

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