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Multichoice MNET Plans To Add 5 New Content Channels To Stable!

Multichoice has announced plans to boost its programming line-up with a slate of new entertaining content from places such as Canada, Turkey and Mexico and Korean. According to industry press, the planned content additions to the DStv platform will include the kid's programme - ZooMoo, scheduled to air on 1st October 2020.
Also coming to the platform is the "K-dramas" from South Korea. Multichoice says the K-dramas will feature shows from some of the most important players in the Korean drama space and bringing its subscribers "glossy, powerful content". The k-drama is also expected to start showing from 1st October.
Turkish telenovelas are also in the pipeline, with proposed showings from the Timeless Drama Channel and SPI's FilmBox drama channel. These channels will be operational, according to Multichoice press in November 2020, and promises to showcase "high-quality, glossy telenovelas and costume dramas".
Finally, DStv is also getting what Multichoice is calling TLnovelas to broadcast a variety of Mexican telenovelas dubbed into English.
Credit: contribution from TV With Thinus

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