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Ethiopia Plans Launch Of A Second Satellite As Early As October 2020

Industry news platform - Space In Africa - is reporting that Ethiopia in the process of launching a second satellite into space with the help of China. The launch, it is thought, will take place at a date to be determined in October 2020.
It is reported that the mission of the "6U nanosatellite with high resolution" is to add to the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) capacity to provide remote sensing data on Ethiopia.
China has agreed to provide an unspecified amount of financial support as well as copious technical support to the satellite build and launch project which will culminate with the sending of the nanosatellite into low-earth orbit.
It is understood that should this project be successful, Ethiopia is also planning a follow-up - number three - satellite and have already penned a memorandum of agreement for this. There is also already a contract in place for the Chinese to start construction on new communications satellite in this regard.
Credit: contribution from Space In Africa

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