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A Focus On The BBC "Focus On Africa Radio Service" At 60!

The "Focus On Africa Radio" service has been a staple on the BBC World Service schedule since it was launched in 1960 as a 15-minute programme, three-time a week. The programme has exploded to become immensely popular with its audience as it has become the go-to medium for a lot of people across Africa seeking news on what is happening in their own countries and beyond.
According to the BBC, the "Focus On Africa Radio" programme was so successful that it paved the way for the launch of a daily TV bulleting by the same moniker - Focus on Africa TV. And now, thanks to digital transformations, the Focus on Africa brand reaches audiences globally around the world on all sorts of digital platforms.
On the marking of the sixty years of uninterrupted broadcasting, BBC World Service's head of journalism, Solomon Mugera said: "It is a privilege that we are celebrating Focus on Africa Radio's Diamond Jubilee. This is the one programme that truly connects the continent with trusted news and information about events that matter most to the audience. It's about their daily achievements, challenges and aspirations.
Head of Africa News and Current Affairs for the BBC World Service commented that "Focus on Africa radio continues to do what it has always done best, covering news & current affairs for an African audience. As new technology evolves, we are moving with the times and are available not just on Radio but also via digital/social platforms which are helping us to reach new and younger audiences.

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