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Is Ethiopia Hitting The Breaks On Foreign Telecom Infrastructure Investment?

Local reports have suggested that the Ethiopian authorities are considering applying the brakes on foreign investments in its telecoms infrastructure space, just after the government asked for bids for a 40 per cent stake in Ethio Telecom.
Reporting indicated that Ethio telecom bid had generated an extraordinary amount of massive interest from a variety of industry players which included telecoms infrastructure companies like the Helios Towers.
This, in turn, has ignited concern from the executives of Ethio Telecom, prompting them to write to the government requesting that a block be placed on telecoms infrastructure companies from investing in Ethiopia.
According to Frehiwot Tamiru, the chief executive officer for Ethio Telecom, "We have built sufficient telecom infrastructures, like fibre cables and mobile base masts, that we can rent to the newly entering companies, so the incoming telecom operators will either use our existing infrastructure by renting or build their own."

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