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Showmax Get Kids Content From Distributor, Jetpack!

Showmax confirmed it had signed a Kids and family-focused content deal with a United Kingdom based distributor - Jetpack Distribution. The terms of the agreement indicate that Showmax would have access to more than 150 hours of content from Jetpack's catalogue to broadcast of its platform across all of Sub-Saharan Africa.
Some of the content acquired by Showmax include shows such as
Kitty is Not a Cat (seasons one and two), The Barefoot Bandits (season one), Rainbow, Butterfly, Unicorn, Kitty (season one), Yoko (season one), and The Cul-de-Sac (seasons one to three).
Candice Fangueiro, Head of Content at Showmax said of the acquisition deal: "Our business has fundamentally changed over the past few months with SVOD usage jumping dramatically, and kids' content, in particular, has been extremely popular. The timing for this deal, which adds a wide range of new kids shows, couldn't be better, and it's a perfect complement to the total revamp of the kid's section that we recently completed, giving parents full control over what their kids can see."
The Chief Executive Officer for Jetpack Distribution, Mr Dominic Gardiner commented that: "In the last few years, we've been increasingly focused on building a rich and diverse catalogue, one that spans beyond our heartland of comedy animation; breaking new ground where possible. This deal demonstrates that we can offer a great deal of choice and variation for one network. While consistently delivering high quality and enduringly appealing content."
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