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SABC Keen To Bring Live Sports With Boxing, Athletics And Tennis Top Of Mind

Mr Gary Rathbone, the general manager for sports at the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has strongly signalled that under his management, the organisation will refocus on bringing back some "high-profile" sporting properties for the entertainment of South Africans.
Mr Rathbone, in an interview with the South African Sunday Times newspaper, said he believes "millions of viewers deserve something that resonates with them"; but that even so, he is not looking to complete with SuperSport, he would instead seek to offer something different and unique within its own space.
The SABC sports chief says one of the immediate goals is to make SABC the place where boxing resides. He said: "I'm targeting boxing. It is a key part of my strategy. I would say it's right at the top of my in-tray of to-do things. We will start building a formidable boxing strategy for the broadcaster that can make us the home of boxing."
The SABC also sees live sports programming opportunities with athletics and tennis.
Observers are however wondering how SABC's refocus on acquiring and broadcasting of live sports properties will affect the live sports broadcasting market in South Africa (and Africa) given that the market leader - Multichoice is also ramping up its activities with the launch of live sports streaming next month.

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