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Analysis Shows Africa's Broadcasters Are Increasing Their Online Presence - Fast-tracked By Covid-19

A recent analysis by Balancing Act's Russell Southwood has shown that across Africa, broadcasters and media owners are looking to drive their online presence - and with the ongoing Covid-19 realities, the online drive is being turbo-charged.
In this report, the analysts listed broadcasters "App" downloads - as one measure of how strong they are online. Accordingly, the figures from selected broadcasters and media organisations are below: (For Android App Downloads)
Channels TV Mobile  (Nigeria) 1,000,000+
Citizen News (Kenya) 1,000,000+
AIT (Nigeria) 500,000+
TBC Live (Tanzania) 500,000+
Citizen Radio (Kenya) 100,000+
Clouds TV (Tanzania) 100,000+
2STV (Senegal) 100,000+
SABC News (South Africa) 50,000+
Multi TV (Ghana) 50,000+
UTV (Ghana) 50,000+
TV Zimbo (Angola) 50,000+
RTI (Cote d'Ivoire) 10,000+
Walfadjri L'Officiel (Senegal) - Both radio and TV 10,000+
Citizen Reporter (Kenya) 1,000+
Balancing Act also checked the number of subscribers to the YouTube channels of African broadcast media organisations, and they reported the figures below: (YouTube Channel Subscribers)
Citizen TV (Kenya) 2,020,000
KTN News (Kenya) 1,410,000
RTI Officiel (Cote d'Ivoire) 1,300,000
Channels TV (Nigeria) 1,120,000
Azam TV (Tanzania) 1,000,000
SABC News (South Africa) 963,000
2STV (Senegal) 930,000
Clouds Media (Tanzania) 767,000
eNCA (South Africa) 680,000
Adom TV (Ghana) 397,000
TVC News (Nigeria) 311,000
RTS1 (Senegal) 172,000
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