SABC: Headwinds As Workers Union Vehemently Oppose Staff Cull

As managers at the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) set about implementing their strategic turnaround plans  - part of which involves a level of staff shedding - their workers' union has said it would fight the move to the heavens and back.
South Africa's Community Workers Union said it would oppose the SABC staff layoff plans because two years ago it was agreed that the SABC must conduct a "comprehensive skills audit" before any staff layoff could be considered. And according to the union bosses, the SABC management has so far not presented any evidence that is being done.
Aubrey Tshabalala, a spokesman for the Community Workers Union, say they are also still waiting to be adequately briefed by the SABC regarding processes for the staff reduction, especially to show that the SABC can afford to lose staff without sacrificing public services.
In Tshabalala's opinion, it is "plainly dangerous for SABC managers to remove up to 1,000 permanent jobs without first conducting a skills audit, and adequately consult with all relevant stakeholders. The Community Workers Union is urging the SABC to change course - quickly, otherwise, the touted turnaround plans might come to jeopardy.

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