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South Africa: Production Of "Isono" On Hold Due To Covid-19

Clive Morris Productions (CMP) is reportedly suspending further production activities on the anticipated South African telenovela "Isono". CMP is blaming the current situation with Covid-19 as the main reason behind the stoppage.
A statement from CMP states: "In light of the ongoing uncertainty around the Covid-19 in our country, and considering we have entered the peak phase of the pandemic as confirmed by the local authorities, we have made the tough decision to temporarily suspend all production activities on the set of Isono with immediate effect."
Isono is a show that examines the "seven deadly sins" of a 'dysfunctional family' in South Africa and has been touted as the answer to the many imported telenovelas that have been assailing out TV screens.
Clive Morris Production expects work on Isono to resume soon and could probably start airing as early as 27 July.
Credit: contribution from TV With Thinus

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