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Nigeria: REDTV To Start Screening Season 3 Of The Men’s Club

Trails and tribulations of the coronavirus aside, Nigeria’s REDTV has announced it is ready to start showing the third in the series of the acclaimed show, The Men’s Club. The show is set to premiere on 22 July.
According to the show’s producers, the Men’s Club is an adventure drama series set around four Nigerian young men “Aminu, Tayo, Lanre and Louis, who are navigating life, winding through several relationships, breaking hearts and getting hearts broken.”
The programme’s executive director, Bola Atta, assured excitement to the show’s “sophisticated audience”, saying that the completing the production of this particular series has been “a great learning process” giving what is currently going on in our world.
On how they managed to complete the production work - which started before the Pandemic, Atta said they have had to place almost all cast and crew in residence with the strictest sanitation and distancing protocols.
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