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Ghana: Media Foundation Tells Minister To Retract GBC Channels Reduction Directive

The influential Media Foundation For West Africa (MFWA) has added its voice to the increasing call on the government of Ghana to reconsider the planned reduction of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) from six to three on the digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform.
Expressing its worry in a press statement, MFWA said it considers ministerial channel-reduction directive would, unfairly reduce GBC's national footprint, and could also be against the constitutional provisions on the "operational independence of the state broadcaster and for the pluralism of media necessary for a functioning democracy".
The MFWA statement also said  that the 1992 (Ghana's) Constitution and other enabling pieces of legislation have also been designed to enable the GBC offer fair voice and visibility to all segments of the national population including minority groups and interests,"
MFWA also recalls that "Ghana is also a signatory to several regional charters and conventions, including the African Charter on Broadcasting adopted in Windhoek in 2001, and the Joint Declaration on Media Independence and Diversity in the Digital age, adopted in Accra in 2018 – which seek a shared vision for independent and inclusive media systems.
Ghana's Communication Ministry said the move to reduce GBC's channel is aimed at cost-cutting, and to make space on the DTT platform.
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