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Ethiopia: Internet Services Partially Back After Been Cut-Off For Two Weeks

The Ethiopian government is reported to have partially restored the Internet across the country, after two weeks of a total internet outage. According to NetBlocks, an internet monitoring group, most fixed-lines and some wi-fi users would be the first to regain access. Most users trying to access the Internet on cellular networks would still have to wait.
It is worth stating that the Ethiopian authorities cut off the nation's internet services to deal with social unrest. A government spokeswoman, defending this in a BBC interview said: "The respect of fundamental rights and dignity of citizens also primarily include the right to live free from harm and with dignity regardless of religion, ethnicity and other protected categories."
"And if the Internet is being used by certain forces to spread hate speech and vitriol, that is perpetuating and initiating ethnic, religious and communal violence, then ensuring human security supersedes.
"So it is not a blanket (just) shut off to disconnect people, but it is also guaranteeing that people who want to live in peace and people's rights to prosperity needs to be protected and guaranteed and that is what the federal government is here to do," she concluded.
Civil internet rights groups and the United Nations Human Rights office have called on the Ethiopian government to restore full connectivity.
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