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Govt. Intention To Reduce Ghana Broadcasting Corporation's DTT Channels Might Be "Untenable" - Stakeholders

Ghana's Communications Minister has issued a notification to the management of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) informing them of the government intention to decrease the number of channels it (the GBC) operates on Ghana's national digital terrestrial TV platform.
According to the ministerial communication, the reasons for the potential decrease of the stations from six to three is to
"to ensure there is redundancy on the National DTT platform which is currently at full capacity."
However, the move has been met with some criticism among the country's industry stakeholders. The minority group in
Ghana's Parliament has urged the government to reconsider their intention to avoid treading on the constitutional provisions around the state broadcasting institution. According to Member of  Parliament Sam George, the GBC is under the purview of the Ministry of Information and not the Ministry of Communication.
Also, some industry experts opined that the action could lead to GBC's local content production and delivery capacity being crippled. A leading commentator said that it is crucial to focus on content instead of channels because, in the end, channels are nothing but a pipeline for getting content to viewers.
Credit: contribution from MyJoy Online Ghana

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