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NBC Battles To Keep Nigeria's New Broadcasting Code Going - Fiasco Intensifies

In Nigeria, the controversy surrounding the amended broadcasting code - the set of regulations governing the broadcast media industry -took a new turn with the reported infighting between the organisation's board members and the management of the National Broadcasting Commission of Nigeria (NBC), resulting in contradictory public statements from the organisation.
According to the reporting by the local press, the Board of the NBC - not happy with the amended broadcasting code, and asking for its review - placed an advert in a national newspaper calling for that; only for the NBC management, in a separate advert, signed by acting Director-General Professor Armstrong Idachaba, asking the public to disregard its Board's notice, saying the commission does not back it.
In turn, this has dramatically perturbed the NBC board chairman, Ikra Aliyu Bilbis, who could barely hide his irritation at the top management staff of his organisation. He wondered why they would "refuse to listen" and why they have "deliberately shut out key stakeholders during the broadcasting code's amendment process."
Professor Idachaba, on his part, reiterated that the commission has "duly carried-along all relevant industry stakeholders during the amendment". He also said that a particular industry stakeholder - who he referred to as  "foreign company" is behind the current unsettling situation.
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