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South Africa: Community Radio Stations Call For Covid-19 Relief

Community radio stations in South Africa are severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. And s such, the South African Community Radio Foundation (SACRF) is crying out for emergency financial relief from the SA government.
SACRF's Director, Mr Phanka Sakoane, said that they are intensely "lobbying government to enhance the ability of the community radio to service their communities adequately."
According to SACRF, more than 200 community radio broadcasters are now woefully under-resourced, and many are on the verge of closing shop, permanently.
"It is a real shame that community radio stations get often overlooked by government entities in favour of advertising at the larger radio stations. And it is only right also to assist workers that passionately apply themselves within the community broadcasting sector and ensure they are better able to care for their families during this difficult time" says Mr Sakoane.
SACRF believe the community radio sector needs an immediate injection of R100 million (US$5.8 Million) if many of the stations are going to survive short-term.

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