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MTN Group Happy To Surpass It’s 100Millionth Data Services User

For MTN, data and digital services are central to its core strategy. And the company is now entirely focused on driving and scaling up its data services even as it celebrates its 100 million user milestone.
The Group is sure bent on removing all barriers to intensive and greater access to mobile internet. It will rapidly be extending its 3G and 4G coverage to allow more people to access the myriads of services available.
Rob Shuter, the CEO MTN Group, said that he believes everyone deserves the benefits of modern connected life. And as COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile data, the MTN Group would continue to strive to make sure that universality and affordability of data becomes a relic of the past.
As a starting point, MTN said it had successfully distributed just under 700,000 affordable data-enabled handsets across 12 African markets in 2019. It also has a digital literacy programme in 9 jurisdictions and has helped millions improve their understanding of the digital world.

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