Multichoice Invested US$2.1 Billion In Nigeria In Last Five-Year Period

A report by Accenture has indicated that Africa’s leading video company, MultiChoice, has between 2015 and 2019 invested just over US$2.1 billion into the Nigerian economy.
According to an Accenture report, MultiChoice also spent just over US$400 million in the development of local talents within the creative industry. An investment that, according to the chairman of the organisation in Nigeria, Mr Adewuni Ogunsanya, is helping to promote the Nigerian creative sector globally.
Commenting on the report, Mr John Ugbe, chief executive officer of MultiChoice in Nigeria said his company understands its responsibility to deliver socio-economic value via their core activities.
Ugbe also states specific areas where his organisation is helping to enrich communities in Nigeria, such as the MultiChoice Talent Factory, the Sickle Cell Foundation and the Let’s Play Initiative. He also pointed to the wide-ranging portfolio of grassroots sporting projects such as Govt boxing.
Credit: contribution from Nigeria Communications Week

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