South Africa: Telcos Gear Up For ‘Battle Royale’ Over 5G

By all indications, South African telco majors are gearing up to might big battles over who get 5G access. Telkom, MTN and Vodacom are all readying the war-chest for winning the fight.
Leading contender so far is Telkom, which has been seen by experts to be betting big on 5G. The company is so focused on implementing its 5G plans that it is willing to risk the wrath of its shareholders by not paying any dividends, but instead reinvest in acquiring of 5G spectrum and the subsequent infrastructure build-out.
Telkom stated in its recently released financial statement that “the imminent 5G spectrum auction will require substantial capital deployment, and it is if strategic importance for Telkom to participate so it can secure the sustainability of its business.”
Industry expert, Mr Authur Goldstuck, commenting on the situation suggested it seems that 5G deployment will be the saving grace Telkom South Africa, and “they are going to pull out all the stops to use 5G, and Telkom will need to do whatever it can to gain access.”
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