MTN and Vodacom Pursue Interests As Ethiopia Opens Up Some More

Africa’s largest telecoms networks are making strident overtures to secure interest in the Ethiopian telecommunications market, as the sizeable African nation begins to liberalise its telecommunications and ICT industry.
It is reported that Vodacom and MTN, the South African based telecoms giant - with tentacles across Africa - might be forming some partnership in view of making a serious offer for licensing to the Ethiopian authorities.
Ethiopia has embarked of the break-up of its erstwhile monopolies since the past two years, and this has made the market of more than 100million people targets for Africa telcos desperate for new markets to expand to.
Looking to further attracts needed foreign investments, Ethiopia is also keen to sell a stake in the state-owned Ethio Telecom, as it issues two brand new licenses. These it is believed will improve sector quality by increasing market competition.

Credit: contribution from Business Tech South Africa

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