CEO Of Liquid Telecoms SA, Reshaad Sha, Resigns

Ms Reshaad Sha, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Liquid Telecom South Africa, is reportedly leaving the company for greener pastures with a new artificial intelligence opportunity.
Appointed in 2018 and tasked with the turnaround of the then-ailing company, Mr Sha was responsible for driving the growth in Liquid Telecoms digital services business. He also oversaw the implementation of new network services for consumers and enterprises in South Africa.
Accordingly to MyBroadband South Africa, Sha is now off to head-up a new company called BriteGaze. The new venture is a reportedly a fund that will help drive capacity around artificial intelligence infrastructure and services.
Before Liquid Telecom, Sha was also CEO of SqwidNet - an IOT operator and served as executive director with Dark Fibre Africa as well.
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