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"Cacao" - A New Drama Soap Redefines Quality Content Production In Cote d'Ivoire

"Cacao" is the new drama series that is defining what quality content and programming is for Ivorian TV.
A show about "big stakes and big egos, and the vagaries of how big business and powers try every trick to control resources for self-centred benefits - Cacao is backed and promoted as a Canal Plus Original.
Cacao is by all standard a big budget programme, and that is evident from the line-up of star artistes, big and expensive locations as well as the well-defined production and post-production activities. All these, according to the show producers is to attract global audiences.
Produced by Ivorian Yolandi Bogui and Directed by Alex Ogou, Cacao, which also carries the tag-line "Guns and Chocolate" is being broadcast by Canal Plus. By all indications from monitored social media chatter, it seems to be a hit.

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