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Pay-TV: Only Two Third Of Operators To Gain Subscribers By 2025 - Report

A new industry into global Pay TV services report by Digital TV Research has indicated the almost 40 per cent of global Pay TV operations will lose subscribers by 2025.
The “Global Pay TV Operator Forecasts” by Digital TV Research also showed that the top 50 Pay-TV operators globally had over 46 per cent of Pay-TV subscribers at the end of 2019. According to the author Mr Simon Murray, Principal Analysts at Digital TV Research, as at end 2019, only 13 Pay-TV operators have more than 10 million paying subscribers.
He forecasts that while some of the Pay-TV operators will increase their subscriber base in the years to come, a few others are set to lose subscribers. These losers will be mainly US-based Pay-TV companies.
Credit: Contribution from Broadcastprome

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