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South Africa: Kagiso Media To Donate US$50K For Hunger Relief

In South Africa, the owners of Kagiso Media have pledged just over 50 thousand US dollars (1million ZAR) to support the feeding programmes in the Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal regions of the country.
Kagiso Media will use its Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio as the front vehicles to make this donation which has been described as a token from the organisation to help alleviate the suffering from COVID-19.
According to executives of Kagiso Media, the hunger relief programme was established "to help communities that cannot afford a meal or buy groceries during COVID 19."
Mr Paballo Makosholo - Group CEO of Kagiso Tiso Holdings - said his organisation "social conscience drives it to be appropriately worried by the well-being of those in need in society". As such, the least it can do is to support organisations providing food to the hungry at this period.
Credit: Contribution from The Media Online

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