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"We Are All About Originality, Producing Home-Grown Content With Integrity And Flair" - Bradley Joshua, Gambit Films

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) is proud to shine the spotlight on Gambit Films as featured 'LeaderIN': Creation and Production Of Quality Local Content With Global Acclaim.

Gambit Films is an independent, multi-award-winning film and television production company, comprised of talented and diverse filmmakers. It has produced over 1000 episodes of television, the latest being "Blood and Water" for streaming giant Netflix and the much loved South African daily drama series "Suidooster" for Multichoice.

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) recently spoke to the CEO and Executive Producer for Gambit Films. It was clear from our conversation that Gambit Film has great ambitions to inspire a new wave of African filmmakers, and to contribute to the building of a sustainable and viable film and TV industry in Africa.

Below is the conversation BMA had with Mr Bradley Joshua, CEO and Executive Producer for Gambit Films:

BMA: What philosophy is your organisation built on?

Bradley Joshua | Gambit Films: We are innovative and passionate filmmakers who, through our work, aim to be the benchmark of originality and creativity in our industry, by continually pushing boundaries.

As we lead and inspire a new wave of filmmakers, we drive the building of a sustainable independent film and TV industry, by producing home-grown and internationally marketable content and talent, with integrity and flair.


BMA: In your role as an executive leader of your organisation, how do you see the development trajectory for Local Content Production in Africa; and how do you fit in this trajectory?

Bradley Joshua | Gambit Films: The demand for content, globally, is growing and this growth is only going to intensify, in my opinion. I believe that global audiences are hungry for content that is different from what they are used to receiving, and therein lies the opportunity.

Africa, with its unique characters, cultures and settings, is primed for the most exciting storytelling. As Africans, we were always aware of this fact, but now is the time to tell the world because the world is hungry for something different.

However, in as much as the world is hungry for what we have to offer, we must not be fooled into believing that they will be willing to sacrifice on quality. We must aim to produce our content on a quality level that meets or exceeds the standard of the world so that we become the benchmark.

We started our company in 2009, and we have never stopped preparing ourselves for the next opportunity. We see every opportunity as an opportunity to prepare ourselves for the next opportunity. In this way, we are always growing and always striving to do better.

We, therefore, find ourselves well placed to actively participate in the growing list of opportunities that are in front of us.

BMA: What strategic alliances (partnerships), if any, are you currently involved in, especially with regards to creating and producing 'home-grown' local content that can have globally acclaim?

Bradley Joshua | Gambit Films: We have many strategic alliances, from financiers to producers (in and outside of Africa) to studios/broadcasters and global streaming services - relationships that we have built over the last number of years.

When we started our company, our aim was always to produce film and television for local AND global consumption. We knew then that the only way we would get our stories out there was to build partnerships/relationships/alliances all over the world but ALSO locally so that we could drive that vision.

In my opinion, the vision we have for our content is what drives the partnerships.

BMA: Please give us a sneak-peek into new offerings that we can we expect from your organisation in a year or two

Bradley Joshua | Gambit Films: We are in the middle of producing South Africa's (and possibly Africa's) biggest action film. We were three weeks in with production at which point we had to stop because of Covid-19.

We have 2.5 more weeks of shooting left, and we are hoping to get back to it as soon as the in-country Covid-19 rules allow us to. The film is called "Indemnity", and it is written and directed by Travis Taute, one of the owners of Gambit Films. This film is scheduled for release in April/May 2021

We are also packaging and financing an Adventure Sci-Fi feature film called "Precious Metal", which was conceptualised by and will be directed by Daryne Joshua, also one of the owners of Gambit Films. This will be co-produced with Josephine Rose and her company, Bandit Country (one of our international strategic partners).

In addition to the above, we are also developing two more features and several TV series ideas.


BMA: And finally, in your opinion, what advantage does your outfit have over its competitors?

Bradley Joshua | Gambit Films: I am not sure if it is an advantage over our competitors, as there are many ways to create and produce content and I believe that there is no one perfect way to do so. Different companies do it differently.

However, in saying this, an advantage that we have is that there are four writers/directors, i.e. Daryne, Nosipho, Travis and Simon within Gambit Films who are owners of the company, as well as 2 Producers, i.e. myself and Ben, also owners of the company. The level of accountability for the end product is exceptionally high, and it means that at any given time, we can have multiple projects on the go, at the same time, in various stages, be it development, production and/or post-production. 

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