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Zimbabwe’s POTRAZ Grants Internet Access Provider DFA Licence To Operate Locally

The Remgro-controlled fibre company Dark Fibre Africa has become the first telecoms provider in 10 years to receive an operating licence in Zimbabwe, paving the way for the operator to build a network there.

The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), has given the DFA an Internet access provider “Class B” licence after a proof of concept.

DFA released a statement saying that the licence would pave the way for full-fledged operations in Zimbabwe and would allow DFA to build a nationwide network while providing licensed telecoms services.

DFA’s Group CEO, Thinus Mulder, said that the company had favoured a measured approach in its expansion to countries outside of South Africa.

He added that the company believes in the potential of Zimbabwe’s telecoms sector, and therefore we had identified it as an excellent place to invest.”

DFA Zimbabwe’s CEO Simon Chimutsotso said that the operator used the licensing period to roll out more resources to get an understanding of the market’s needs, improve its business model and build internal capabilities.

In South Africa, DFA has deployed over 13 000km of ducting infrastructure in the major metros, secondary cities and also in some smaller towns.


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