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Most Content Creators And Producers In Africa Rely On Self-Funding To Finance Projects - Industry Survey

The current BMA industry survey on local content production in Africa has established that for most content creation/production projects to get off the ground and move forward, producers and content creators will have to risk a substantial amount of personal means for its funding and financing!

In response to the survey question on how content is pre-funded/funded, approximately 64% of the content creators and/or producers have indicated that more often than not, the pre-funding for the creation of content has to come from their own capital. 

This compares to 20% respondents that say they pre-fund/fund via sponsorships and advertising and just over 15% of content creators and/or producers claiming that commissioning fee was the main source of funding for their projects.

Many industry executives question the sustainability of self-funding as the go-to method of funding for content creation and production in Africa, highlighting the greater need for more structured funding and financing avenues to be made available in Africa.

Broadcast Media Africa is currently engaged in a programme focused on the Creation, Production, Distribution and Monetisation of African (Local) Content aimed to provide players with intelligence on the benefits and impediments to the adequate telling of Africa’s story for the local and global audience.


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