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Stronger Funding And Financial Support Needed For African Content To Truly Go Global - BMA Industry Survey

Africa’s content creators, producers and publishers are almost unanimous in the belief that what is most needed for Africa’s local content to play on the global stage is more substantial and easily accessible funding and financing support infrastructure.

The currently ongoing industry Survey (by Broadcast Media Africa -BMA) on “Creating ‘Quality’ Local Content For Global Digital Audiences”, asked executive name the three most important items needed for Afro-centric media content to be scaled up for global demand - and at the top of that list is the need for more funding avenues to be available!

So far, more than half (approximately 60%) of industry stakeholders that have responded to the survey are saying that financing is the “elephant in the room” that needs to be addressed when it comes to creating premium-quality local content that will meet international demand and put Africa’s stories on the global stage.

The survey is also showing that almost 23% of industry executives believe that a clearer understanding of the global demand is also very important.

More collaboration between local industry stakeholders and companies was a factor that was identified as the third-most important to-do item by approximately 17% of the respondents so far on the ongoing survey.

Broadcast Media Africa is currently engaged in a programme focused on the Creation, Production, Distribution and Monetisation of African (Local) Content aimed to provide players with intelligence on the benefits and impediments to the adequate telling of Africa’s story for the local and global audience.



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