Liquid Telecom Boosts Connectivity In East Africa Amid COVID-19

The pan-African telecoms operator Liquid Telecom has made it possible for East Africa Community (EAC) member states to continue functioning as close to normal as possible despite the coronavirus pandemic.

By deploying superior digital and connectivity solutions across Liquid Telecom’s East Africa backbone, the EAC, consisting of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi, has been ‘digitally transformed’ with premium connectivity and collaboration solutions.

This effort is in direct response to a ‘Joint Ministerial COVID-19 Preparedness and Response’ meeting that instructed EAC member states to suspend face-to-face meetings and start using ‘modern technology’ as a result of the crisis.

With Liquid Telecom’s enhanced connectivity and digital tools, members of parliament and ministries of the EAC are maintaining uninterrupted operations during the virus pandemic while delivering on its promise of regional integration.

Liquid Telecom had already rolled out a wide area network (WAN) in 2019 – in Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan – all member states are connected.

The CEO of Liquid Telecom’s East Africa Region, Adil Youssefi said that COVID-19 had forced everyone to rethink their daily lives and Africa was no exception.
He announced that Liquid Telecom had ensured that the EAC maintains close to normal operations with premium digital services and delivered across Liquid Telecom’s East Africa backbone.

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