Kenya: Safaricom Considers Rural Connectivity Plan

Safaricom’s mobile data revenue has increased by 12% to record $379 million according to the telco’s year results released recently.

The boost in revenue was due to the growth of 4G smartphone use and more favourable data packages that included non-expiry data plans introduced earlier this financial year.

The company is now planning to introduce a programme that will allow rural and low-income subscribers to switch from 2G phones and acquire smartphones. The device financing plan titled Lipa Mdogo Mdogo (‘pay in instalments’) will allow customers to buy smartphone devices and pay a daily fee of $0.19.

The CEO of Safaricom, Peter Ndegwa said that despite Kenya’s high percentage of mobile penetration, there remains a large group of the population in the country that still uses 2G phones because of the tough economic environment. 

Ndegwa said that the programme, to be run in collaboration with TeleOne and Google, is still undergoing a pilot phase and the objective is to ensure that one million customers receive access to 4G smartphones.

Safaricom’s mobile money revenue continued to grow despite the harsh impact of COVID-19 as well as the shrinking betting industry.

This year, the company made a decision not to release any revenue guidelines for future earnings because of uncertainties in the global economy.

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