Africa 24 Media Rolls Out VoD Service

The Independent pan-African 24-hour news and information platform Africa 24 Media has rolled out a factual VoD service, ‘Yebo’.

Yebo will offer stories from over 30 African countries free of charge, including documentaries, short stories and features that had been curated over the past 12 years by Africa 24 Media’s team of journalists.

Asif Sheikh, the Kenyan business’ CEO and founder, said that for two decades he was away from home, working and studying in North America. While there, he says he always craved news from back home, but sadly, all he could access at the time were stories of a continent that was ravaged by war, disease and corruption. Most of these stories were being told by foreign journalists.

Sheikh said that when he returned to Africa, he found amazing stories that were not being reported by the international press, and that gave me him the inspiration to allow more African people to tell their own stories.

He said that this is a massive milestone for both Africa 24 Media and the African continent at large.

Yebo is now available as an Android app on the Google Play store. All content that is downloaded on the app can be viewed offline within 30 days.

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