Kenya: Zuku Reclaims Top Fixed Broadband Provider Spot From Safaricom

The Wananchi-owned Zuku has reclaimed the top spot in fixed broadband connections from Safaricom over the three months from December to control 35 percent of the market, according to latest industry data.

Kenya’s Communications Authority said that Zuku had recorded 175,433 fixed home and internet connections at the end of December while Safaricom had 165,810 connections.

Zuku then grew its subscribers by 23,885 during the review period compared to Safaricom’s 11, 207.

Safaricom had emerged at the top in the quarter to September, reflecting tight competition between the two for control of Kenya’s fixed internet market.

This was the very first time that Safaricom was leading in the fixed data market since it entered the segment in 2017.

Zuku increased its connections by 1.7 percent in the quarter to December, while Safaricom grew its fixed data customers by 0.2 percent.

Zuku and Safaricom have been toe-to-toe in a price war for market share growth on the rising demand for fibre-based internet for customers working from home and more households opting for internet-based television.

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