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Defeating Coronavirus: Managing Physical Restrictions - Factors To Consider

In this challenging time, all parts of society - including broadcasters - need to observe physical restrictions and practice social distancing to help in the fight against the coronavirus!

While Broadcast Media Africa hopes that the COVID-19 threat to Africa and the world is short-lived, there are a growing number of issues and questions related to the physical movement of employees and others with a specific connection to broadcasting.

This Coronavirus Response briefing document (issued by the National Association of Broadcasters) explores some guidance to help broadcasting and media organisations achieve the physical restrictions and social distancing mandate effectively.

Report Overview 

- Looking into safer ways to remain open for business - can staff work from home?

- Constant monitoring of government-issued and other valid travel advisories - especially concerning local/in-country movement

- Asking staff to not travel to local areas that might be of concern

- Communicating what the policy and procedures if an employee has risks of direct contact with people or places suspected of being points of transmission.


These are just a few of the decisions many broadcast media businesses are now addressing given emerging transmission concerns and the health and business impact of the new coronavirus.


Access the full NAB Coronavirus Response Report here


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