COVID-19 In Africa: Netflix To Decrease Streaming Bitrate In South Africa

Netflix has confirmed that it will be reducing its streaming bitrate for South African subscribers in order to decrease congestion on networks.

The change is being implemented to reduce congestion on local networks as more viewers use Netflix due to the 21-day lockdown that was imposed by the government to combat the rapid outbreak of coronavirus.

Netflix announced that it had reduced its streaming bitrate in its Europe operations earlier this month in an effort to cut down congestion as its traffic spiked due to more people being forced to stay home.

The streaming service said that it would decrease its bitrate across South Africa and Africa on the 30th of March 2020. This would last for 30 days.

The bitrate is the number of bits per second that are transmitted through a particular network. A higher bitrate provides better video streaming quality because more data is streamed per second.

A lower bitrate, on the other hand, means lower-quality video streaming. However, Netflix said that it had found a way not to compromise the quality of its video streams while also reducing the traffic load by 25%.

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