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NBC Director-General Pledges To Renew Efforts In Nigeria’s Digitisation Drive - Reports

The policy on the digitisation of broadcasting in Nigeria from analogue to digital has dragged on and has been the cause for unnecessary confusion in the last five years

The Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has seemed complicit in the lack of progress in achieving a full digital switch-over of broadcasting in Nigeria, but that might soon change under the new management of the acting Director-General of the Commission, Prof Armstrong Idachaba.

Since Prof Idachaba’s assumption of duty, many believe that the process will now be faster. A source close to NBC said that Prof Idachaba is a technocrat that had been on this project since the very beginning. The source said that a lot of people believe that the acting DG is in a better position to deliver on the digitisation of broadcasting in Nigeria.

Prof Idachaba informed journalists that the agency would be issuing a statement on the roll-out of the DSO project over the next three weeks.

He said that despite all the setbacks, Nigeria’s government is determined to continue with the roll-out.

The DG declared that the Commission and the federal government remained committed and would renew efforts towards the realisation of the digital transition because of its vast number of benefits to Nigerians.


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