Netflix, Amazon And YouTube Reduce Streaming Quality To Minimise Network Strain Amid COVID-19

Netflix, Amazon and YouTube are reducing the quality of their video streams in an effort to ensure that networks across Africa and Europe can handle the increased usage amid the global coronavirus outbreak.

The three companies, along with Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, use more than 43% of the total traffic volume on the internet, according to analysts.

YouTube pledged to continue working with network operators and governments to minimise stress on the system while still delivering a good user experience.

Amazon released a statement saying that it is working with all local authorities and internet operators to decrease any network congestion caused by Prime Video.

Netflix announced last week that it would reduce bit-rates across all its streams for a month.

The virus outbreak has shut down schools, restaurants and businesses in many regions across the globe, sending millions of people home — where they are using services such as Netflix and YouTube more than before.

The amount of time that people spent streaming spiked by more than 20% globally last weekend.

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