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Jibe Ologeh – President Of EMCOAN – Aims To Tell Nigeria’s Story Through Authentic Broadcast Content

The President of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN), Mrs Jibe Ologeh has a great passion for Nigerian broadcast content that accurately represents Nigeria in its sincerest form, without distorting information to push agendas.

As a seasoned and award-winning leader of the broadcast media industry, she prides herself in positively changing mindsets through the use of broadcast content that is educational and informative.

Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) spoke to Mrs Ologeh recently, discussing issues that are relevant to Nigeria’s broadcasting industry, and there is no denying that this industry heavy-weight is set on ensuring that the Nigerian content industry reaches its full potential and becomes a strong player in the global broadcast content ecosystem.

Below is the conversation that Broadcast Media Africa had with Mrs Ologeh discussing her role as the President of EMCOAN and her vision and plans for the Association going forward.


BMA: As a female leader of Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN), what have your strongest influences been to get you to where you are today?

Jibe Ologeh: Contrary to popular belief, the electronic media content production sector is not as male-dominated as one might think.

We have many women playing and dominating in this sector. The likes of Agatha Amata, Mo Abudu, Debby Odutayo, Amaka Igwe of blessed memory, Eme Issong etc. have excelled in various iconic productions.

With that being said, my primary motivator is my passion for Nigerian broadcast content that can adequately represent Nigeria in its pure form and not distorted information to push an agenda.

The deliberate attempt to push the Nigerian agenda through broadcast content has been my passion, as evident in some of my productions, i.e. ‘My Tomorrow’ drama series, cultural hub, ‘Young Scholars’, etc.

BMA: Looking back at the widely decorated journey you have travelled in the broadcast space, what stands out as the greatest achievement of your career?

Jibe Ologeh: I can say the ability to change mindsets with broadcast content in a positive direction has been my great achievement.

We have trained children and teens in the art of broadcasting who have taken broadcasting career paths.

Our health shows have been able to empower viewers with health information that has helped to solve health problems.


BMA: What is your vision for the future of the broadcasting industry in Nigeria?

Jibe Ologeh: I want to see broadcasting become a change agent in Nigeria.

Through broadcasting, Nigeria can tell its own story.

With the implementation of the DSO, broadcasting is a tool for national development and emancipation.

The possible emergence of several channels as a result of the digitisation will create opportunities for producers of broadcast content.

One fundamental goal is to ensure that EMCOAN becomes a sectoral body with APCON.

This will give it the authority to regulate the production of broadcast content.

I want to organise a yearly event that will bring together sellers and buyers of content and honour those who have done well.

BMA: What main goals would you like to achieve during your tenure as the President of EMCOAN?

Jibe Ologeh: The founding fathers of EMCOAN (Wale Adenuga mfr, Opa Williams PhD, Debbie Odutayo, Agatha Amata, High Chief Emeka Ossai), and myself, the current President, have one vision which is to ensure that the Nigerian content industry maximises its full potential and becomes an excellent player in the committee of content stakeholders globally.

Mrs Jibe Ologeh is currently the President of the Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) and an independent radio and TV and media practitioner for over a decade.

She is the Managing Director of R-Wells Media as well as JYBTV.

Jibe Ologeh has received multiple awards and has been invited to speak at various media conventions and workshops within and outside of Nigeria.

She has a wealth of certifications and diplomas in the business and media field.





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