Netflix Exploring Mobile-Only Subscriptions For Africa - Reports

Last year, Netflix announced that it would be introducing mobile-only plans in its India operations, with cheaper subscription prices set at approximately half of the standard price.

A few months following the rollout of this plan, Netflix shared some sentiments that the product had quickly become a hit.

It turns out that Netflix is currently considering bringing the mobile-centric deals to its South African subscribers. The Chief Content Officer for Netflix recently said that they are considering a mobile-only plan but that it would still be a while before an official launch.

Last Friday, Netflix introduced its South African original Queen Sono and the spy-series is reported to have gotten off to a promising start.

While the mobile-only plan sounds like it might be a while away, one thing Netflix will have in its favour if it does eventually bring the mobile-only service to the market is the fact that in the majority of African countries, the smartphone is fast becoming the primary computing device.

The lower subscription price will also be a significant decider of how that specific package is adopted in the highly price-conscious African market.

Another thing to be mindful of is the data usage in the African markets, which is different from that of more developed markets. This is something that Netflix believes they’ve already optimised.

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