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Nigeria: Forum Demands Withdrawal Of Hate Speech Bills

Participants at the recently concluded Townhall Forum convened by Africa Independent Television, AIT. LIVE have called for the immediate withdrawal of Nigeria’s Hate Speech and Fake News bills that are currently pending before the National Assembly.

In a document issued at the end of the gathering held in Abuja, Nigeria, the stakeholders were unanimous in demanding the immediate withdrawal of the bills, describing them as a frivolous waste of time as well as a duplication of existing laws.

The Forum argued that rather than wasting energy and taxpayers’ money on the bills, the senators that sponsored the bills should instead focus more on human capital and Nigeria’s economic development.

The two bills that are still pending before the National Assembly are for the regulation of social media in order to eradicate fake news and hate speech in Nigeria.

The Forum’s stance is that since social media had redefined the way information is gathered globally and in Nigeria, it would be foolish for lawmakers to waste energy on such a fruitless venture.

The group of industry stakeholders further stated that the media should not be criminalised, stressing that the citizens’ right to freedom of expression should not be taken away.

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