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South Africa: SABC Denies Privatisation Of Commercial Media Assets - Reports

South Africa’s national broadcaster, the SABC, says that is not privatising 5FM, Metro FM, Good Hope FM and SABC3 and has not had any kind of discussions with the government around the future of these media assets.

In a recent statement, the SABC said it is conducting a thorough process of assessing all of its assets, determining which are core and which are non-core, taking into account various factors including licence conditions, public mandate and financial contribution.

The issue came up after an article appeared in the Inside Politics African Narrative claiming that the SABC would be selling off some of its channels and stations.

It said that due to the uncertainty that the information could potentially cause, it believed that clarity was necessary.

The SABC Board had approved the comprehensive assessment criteria to determine core media assets, noting that a core asset is not only a channel or station which contributes to the public mandate but also one which helps funds the SABC’s public service obligations.

It added that the Board had identified non-core property assets and had drafted a list of properties for disposal, as is required by National Treasury preconditions for its recent bailout.


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