Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless Hikes Up Data Tariffs Due To Inflation

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator, has revealed that it has hiked its data and SMS tariffs by an average of 25 percent.

Zimbabwe’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) had last reviewed its tariff structure in October 2019 following the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s (Potraz) approval of a 95,39 percent tariff increase.

Zimbabwe’s other MNOs are the State-owned NetOne and Telecel.

Econet Wireless and the other industry players have been in on-going engagements with Potraz to adopt a tariff structure that would ensure a continued viability of the industry as well as the quality of service.

This was in view of the country’s inflationary pressures.

In a statement released on Monday, the country’s biggest MNO by subscriber numbers, Econet, warned its subscribers that it would be reviewing its data and SMS tariffs this week.

In an interview the spokesperson of the Consumer Rights’ Association (CRA), Mr Effie Ncube said that his association disagrees with this move as it raises the cost of living without a corresponding rise in income.

Mncube added that data and voice calls are already too expensive, so there is no need, in his opinion, to raise the tariffs if wages and salaries are not equally being increased.

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