New Local Video Streaming Platform Launches In South Africa

Caxton, a South African media platform, has successfully launched a new video streaming service, Spectrum, across 73 of its local news websites.

Spectrum aims to offer relatable content on a hyper-local level, ensuring that South Africa’s advertising spend remains within the borders.
The platform also intends to fund locally produced content and journalism.

According to Caxton, Spectrum’s statistics already prove that there is abundant demand for local video.
 Between its initial launch in December 2018 and January 2020, the platform has enjoyed almost 9.2 million plays, over 2.5 million different browsers and an average dwell time of approximately three minutes and 47 seconds.
 Spectrum’s dwell time is proof of its value as an advertising platform. According to a recent Google survey, 90% of people say that they discover new products or brands on video platforms.
 Caxton said that the Spectrum video streaming service would enable South African consumers to discover local content in a contextualised, brand-safe and non-intrusive video environment.

Designed and built by a local tech company Tysflo, the data compression technology used by the platform aims to achieve a maximum data consumption rate of 1.2mb/s, which is 40% less than competitors.
 This feature ensures that a diverse range of viewers can access video-on-demand content and HD channels in a data-friendly way. According to Caxton, all the content on Spectrum has been curated, and advertisers will have full control over the context in which their communications would appear.

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