New DStv Streaming Service Could Cost As Little As Netflix – Report

MultiChoice is expected to roll out its standalone DStv Now streaming service before the end of March 2020.

The company currently allows its subscribers to stream content using its DStv Now online platform, but this method still requires the user to have a DStv account that is linked to a decoder.

The CEO of Connected Video, Niclas Ekdahl previously confirmed to MyBroadband that DStv would launch its standalone streaming platform this year.

He said that the team wanted to make sure that the service was up to scratch before launching.

The price for the decoder-free DStv Now streaming service has not yet been confirmed, but analysts speculate that it will be cheaper than the DStv satellite offering – perhaps even as affordable as a Netflix subscription.

A Media Analyst from Africa Analysis, Nozi Dikgale said that the company might be able to decrease operational costs that come with the manufacturing and installation of satellite dishes and decoders with the launch of its online-only service.

She said that this could allow the company to offer the standalone DStv Now at a price that is way more affordable than its satellite packages.

In November last year, MultiChoice released its interim results for the period that ended on 30 September – which revealed that it had lost approximately 3% of its Premium subscribers over the course of the year.

Additionally, close to half a million DStv Premium subscribers cancelled or downgraded their accounts over the last four years.

Nozi Dikgale said that the move to a decoder-free product could help DStv combat the issue of Premium cancellations.

She added that the launch of this online-only service would be a clear indication that DStv is serious about taking on Netflix.

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