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Zimbabwean Govt Rolls Out New Community Radio Stations

Zimbabwe’s marginalised communities will now have their voices heard on the radio as the Government has launched a programme to set up new community radio stations throughout the country.

The programme, which is managed by the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, is currently being piloted in 10 communities.

Speaking at a recent sensitisation meeting, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Monica Mutsvangwa said that strides had been made to make sure that communities receive radio signals.

So far, six national and ten commercial radio stations are already broadcasting in Zimbabwe.

Mutsvangwa said that the launch of the community radio stations would result in the preservation of the local languages, identity, culture and help in the development of the communities.

She urged communities to embrace this radio station initiative as it had the potential to contribute to the growth of Zimbabwe and its local communities’ economies.

Charles Sibanda, the Board Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ), said they were putting together a Broadcasting Fund to support community radio stations in rural areas.

He said that there isn’t any money in the fund yet, but we BAZ is building it up so that it can have enough funds to support the radio stations.

Applications for Zimbabwe’s new community radio stations will soon be announced.

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