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OTT Streaming: Cell C’s Executive Head Looks Forward To Telcos Gaining New Revenue Streams From OTT Explosion

Mr Mohamed Adamjee, an Executive Head at Cell C, says that telcos can look forward to adding new product offerings which will ultimately present new revenue streams from the OTT and On-Demand explosion.

Mr Adamjee, in an interview with Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in preparation for the OTT Content Streaming and On-Demand Summit taking place on the 19th – 20th February 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa, acknowledges that South Africa alone has more than 20 million smart devices in use and; consumers through these devices can subscribe to OTT services. This creates a massive market for telcos to enter into mutually beneficial collaborations with broadcasters and online platforms and increase their revenues. 

Below is the conversation that Mohamed had with BMA on the forthcoming Summit, where he will be participating in a key panel discussion session:


BMA: Why did you decide to get involved in this year’s edition of the OTT Content Streaming and On-Demand Summit


Mohamed Adamjee: Consumers and subscribers want choices of content that is specific to their needs and available to them at the times they choose. The reason for me getting involved is to understand how we can bring all these content OTT providers together (aggregation) offering a myriad of choice to customers seamlessly and with the best possible user experience.


BMA: In your opinion, what are the opportunities presented by the OTT explosion for the telecommunications sector? Also, what challenges have come along with the arrival of OTT and On-Demand streaming?


Mohamed Adamjee: In SA, we have more than 20 million smart devices out there, and consumers through these devices are mobile and can subscribe to OTT services. This adds a new product offering for telcos to sell and the opportunity to create new products as well as a new revenue stream that is no longer exclusively reliant on your traditional voice and data. Where challenges are concerned, infrastructure and capacity cost is one of the many challenges operators are faced with. OTT platform owners are monopolies globally and don’t always want to be flexible and collaborate with local telecoms operators to monetise revenues effectively


BMA: Could you please tell us what you hope fellow participants will take away from this industry event?


Mohamed Adamjee: I hope that fellow participants leave with a better understanding of telecoms operator requirements and challenges when it comes to OTT streaming, including associated costs. I also hope that this Summit plants the seed for the rise of more effective and flexible partnership offerings to maximise usage of OTT players within the African continent. 


About Mohamed Adamjee: 

Mohamed Adamjee is the Executive Head of IT at Cell C, one of South Africa’s prominent telcos.

He is also responsible for creating a niche and alternative revenue options for the saturated typical “telco model” which is voice and data.

Mr Adamjee will be speaking at the OTT Content Streaming and On-Demand Summit in his capacity as the Executive Head of IT Cell C.


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