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Angola Cables Enters Africa-Asia-Pacific Partnership

The multinational ICT and network business, Angola Cables, has inked a memorandum of understanding with the Macau-based telecoms services provider CTM to explore the various digital business opportunities between Mainland China, Macau, Macau, Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa and Brazil.

According to Angola Cables, Macau and its neighbouring regions have the opportunities to be the landing point for many international cable systems and the perfect location for hosting datacentres to promote the region’s digital ecosystem.

It added that CTM wants to leverage its international network and Macau’s positioning in the Greater Bay Area as a primary hub for the digitalisation of the Asia-Pacific region.

The collaboration aims to promote opportunities and strategies to link Africa to the Greater Bay Area, the USA and Portuguese-speaking countries.

The CEO of Angola Cables, António Nunes, said that discussions between the parties would be instrumental in reshaping the digital ecosystems in Africa and help close the gap between the continent and the rest of the world.

CTM’s CEO Vandy Poon added that the partnership would reflect the company’s mission to actively participate in the realisation of Macau’s designs in the context of the One Belt One Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area.

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