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Ghana’s Radio Stations Get Free Broadcasting Rights For Local Football League

The Ghana Football Association’s Executive Committee has made the decision to offer free radio commentary broadcast rights to all radio stations in Ghana.

The rights will be granted to all radio stations who agree to the GFA’s conditions that are associated with the rights including the promotion of the games and advertisements for the GFA, partners and sponsors of the competitions.

For management purposes, the GFA has decided that it will also offer the rights to leading media groups.

The GFA confirmed that the rights are available to all radio stations in Ghana provided that they accept the terms and conditions laid down by the major media groups or the GFA.

The Association added that there would be clauses in the contract between the GFA and the major media groups which would make sure that the conditions given to the all major media groups by the GFA would be exactly the same as what they would give to any other partner radio station.

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