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Zambia Welcomes New Board For Independent Broadcasting Authority

Zambia’s Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya, introduced a new seven-member board of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) earlier this week.

The new board comprises of Sipho Phiri, Beatrice Mwansa, Chanda Kasolo, Claire Limbwambwa, Chalimba Phiri, Margaret Kaniki Siwale and Enita Hamatumbika.

Siliya encouraged the new board members to study and understand the IBA policies and regulations in order for them to operate in an honest and fair manner.

She urged the new board members to carefully go through the IBA rules and make them their ‘second Bible’.

Siliya also noted that there is a need to educate Zambia’s citizens about the functions of IBA and the processes and procedures that need to be followed when engaging with the authority.

She added that Zambia, like many other countries, is dealing with the technological advancement challenge of media convergence where TV and radio content can be broadcast live on mobile smartphones from any corner of the world.

Siliya reiterated that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services continues to be committed to promoting businesses in the media sector while providing regulations that create a conducive environment for everyone.

The Director-General of the IBA, Josephine Mapoma, told the Minister that there would be a seminar on IBA regulations and another one on good governance for the new board members.

The IBA members reported that they would meet at a later date to elect a chairperson of the board as well as a vice-chairperson.

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